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Porches & Decks

A wood deck on your home can provide an excellent spot grill out or just have family time outside. It also adds value and cosmetic improvements to your home as well.

No matter what size deck, what type deck or what materials you want your deck made of, let us get the job done for you

We can build your deck for you any size you like, and to meet any budget. Shade decks, pool decks, front porches, back porches, hot tub decks, you name it. We can also use any type of decking material that you choose. The most economical decking material is pressure-treated lumber (PT). That is the cheapest and #1 decking material sold today. A properly treated and maintained PT deck can last a very long time and look great years down the road. The average cost of a PT deck is $.90/lf for a 2×6, and $1.00/lf for a 5/4×6.

The downside of PT lumber is that it’s not very dimensionally stable so it has a tendency to crack and split. Routine maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of these decks.

We can also use naturally superior wood such as redwood and cedar. These wood choices are naturally beautiful in their rich color. Both species of wood contain tannins and oils that make them naturally resistant to decay and rot as well as insects. These woods are averaging around $4/lf

Another option is composite decking, such as Trex, TimberTech, CorrectDeck and Veranda. These are composed of wood fibers and recycled plastic. These materials are extremely stain and weather resistant and they will not warp, rot, splinter or split. Some of the composite decking is made up of 100% recycled plastic and contain no wood fibers. Prices vary in this material anywhere from $2.50-$3.00/lf

You can also use aluminum decking. There are several types of aluminum decking such as LockDry, AridDeck and Versadeck. They will not rust, warp, rot, splinter, crack, etc. It is mold and slip resistant and has a powder coat finish that lasts almost forever. It will never peel or blister either. It cannot catch fire and bugs hate it! Oh and it’s recyclable too! One thing about aluminum decks is that it is actually 2-3x stronger yet 3-4x lighter than wood or composite decking. You may be surprised to learn that aluminum decking is actually cooler in the sun than most other types of decking, because of the metals superior heat-dissipation properties. Sounds awesome huh? The only downside is aluminum is the most expensive of all options, running about $9.00/lf. So how about that PT wood?

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