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Windows & Doors

No matter if you’re looking to add or replace windows or doors in your house, we can help you! We work with different window and door manufacturers to get custom fit windows and doors for any structure. Whether it’s adding additional light in a room or adding an additional door, we can help. 

Benefits of new windows

Apart from enhancing your homes appearance, windows are also beneficial to your health. Some of the benefits include:

Added dose of Vitamin D.

Known for its therapeutic properties such as treating bone diseases, high cholesterol and multiple sclerosis, Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for optimal health. According to WebMD, 80% of the body’s required Vitamin D intake can be fulfilled through getting adequate sunlight.

Improved indoor air quality.

While HVAC systems help regulate your homes temperature, the continuously recycled air is detrimental to your health. Without enough outdoor circulation, the allergens won’t be able to escape your home, leading to respiratory, skin and other allergy related problems.

Better mental health.

People who suffer from depression and anxiety often struggle to get outside for much needed exposure to the outdoors. Incorporating more windows in your home will help their mental wellness by increasing the exposure to sunlight, which increases their levels of serotonin. The more serotonin will boost your mood and fight off stress.

Benefits of new doors

You can do a million things to your home to upgrade the exterior of it, from painting to new landscaping. One of the quickest ways however is to install a new exterior door. This not only gives the home additional curb appeal but it also gives you other advantages as well. Some of those are:


Choose a door that harmonizes with the architecture of the home. Examples are a 6 panel variety for a colonial house, or leaded glass type for a Victorian style. Also select a color that coordinates and contrasts with the siding, trim and shutters for a seamless design. Doors in bright hues such as orange, yellow or red add visual energy to the entrance. Softer shades give the exterior a more subtle, crisp look. Use a door with a transom or sidelights to transform a dark foyer into one with natural light.


New technology make exterior doors more secure than older doors. Quality fiberglass and steel types are particularly strong and have locking capabilities that surpass older doors. Their new designs are layered to resist forced entry. Upgrading your door can usually mean upgrading your home security.


Look for energy efficiency when installing a new exterior door. Newer doors are typically insulated better than older doors, which allows them to hold heat in during the winter and keep it out in the summer.


Steel and fiberglass doors have more durability over older doors. They have reinforced cores that resist warping. The exterior of them also prevent other forms of weathering in terms of chipping, peeling and bubbling. Most new doors will also last a lifetime.

Keefer Building is a proud partner of Budget Blinds

If you’re not looking to add or remove a window or door currently but are looking for a solution for your window covering needs, we highly recommend Budget Blinds of Roanoke and Southside Virginia.

Doug can find the perfect window covering solution for you. You can contact them directly by clicking their logo below.