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Flooring & Tile

Tile & Flooring

 Did you know that the bottom of your shoes hold more bacteria (and dirt) than a public restroom toilet? When you walk in your house, you’re bringing that bacteria and dirt into your home on your carpet. Is your kids playing on that same carpet?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade. Let us come install some beautiful hardwood floors in your home. Hardwood flooring has  many color options as well such as pale, glossy, maple, oak, hickory, etc. Hardwood flooring also adds value to your home. Not only is hardwood valuable in dollars and cents, but also to the appeal to your home as well. Hardwood flooring is durable and easy to maintain as well. Unlike carpet, hardwood floors can last for years and years if properly maintained. They do not absorb dirt and bacteria like carpet does, They are also much better for those who suffer from allergies. A carpet floor harvests allergens while a hardwood floor doesn’t.

If hardwood flooring isn’t for you, we can put down a tile floor for you or even install new carpet. It’s your choice.


Ever thought about adding back splash in your kitchen? Back splash adds to your homes décor with the variety of styles and colors that you can use. There are stamped metal tiles, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. You can get creative and add designs also! Back splash is much easier to clean up than painted walls. Back splash is simple to wipe clean with a wet sponge. Oh it also adds value to your home as well.